Wandellust Webshop

Functional. Durable. Elegant.

Adaptable to moods, 

needs, feelings and seasons. 



The Ultimate webshop for

Black Based Dog Gear


"Wandellust" means the joy of walking. The lust of wandering. Exploring the neighbourhood, daydreaming about great adventures together and meeting other dogs and their human walking buddies. And oh do those humans need their waterproof, lightweight, easy-to-clean, stink proof, durable, vegan and elegant doggear. Where to find dog collars and leashes with such a high standard? At the Wandellust Webshop of course!



At Wandellust we love black.

Because black is elegant.

Black never gets out of fashion.

Black is smart looking and never gets old.

Black is beautiful. 



The concept of Wandellust Doggear is simple. We have 'The All Black Dog Collar' and 'The All Black Dog Leash'. The dog versions of the little black dress or the black suit every human "needs" in his wardrobe. 


The collar exists out of two pieces. You can change the second piece into a customized one according to mood (different kind of colors), style (different texture), festivity (golden speckles) or utility (reflective).

For the leash we have extenstions in different colors, thicknesses or materials. 


The special dog leashes in this webshop will be build around the All Black Dog Collar. Every piece of doggear we create will match. You will be able to switch between dog leashes in no time. Easy. Simple. Always elegant.